Walk-In Tub Installation for Seniors
in Centerton, Arkansas & the Northwest Arkansas Area

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A bathtub soak is quite relaxing after a very eventful day. Its greatly beneficial to those who suffer pain due to fibromyalgia, arthritis among other conditions. However, seniors with limited mobility will find getting into a bathtub very challenging. But there is a solution: walk in tubs. Better Bath NWA offers walk in tubs for seniors that combine the highest quality and safety features with luxury options to achieve maximum benefits from a relaxing bath. 
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Easy Access 

Bathroom remodeling trends are on the rise with walk in tubs for seniors. Our senior bath tubs contain a comfortable seating, accessible faucets, grab bars conveniently placed, and a smaller step leading into the tub through a swinging door. 


Safety is the paramount consideration when purchasing walk in tubs for seniors with limited mobility. We offer senior bath tubs that are ADA compliant and are certified safe. These handicap and senior bath tubs are unique in a number of ways; they are a bit compact and hold more water compared to the standard bathtubs. Additional optional features in our senior bath tubs include aromatherapy, chromotherapy, water-jets and air jets for functional tubs with spa-like experiences. 
Walk-In Tubs Starting at $9,450!


A decision to purchase walk in tubs for seniors isn’t simply about replacing your old tab or renovating your bathroom, it's about your independence. Limited mobility needs not to strip your dignity off you. You can now take a rejuvenating and peaceful bath from the comfort of your home. Be pleased to request a free walk in tub installation estimate from us. We offer many mobility products and other walk in tub installation features to ensure you chose the best option for your home or your loved one. 
Walk-In Tubs Starting at $9,450!

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